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I can confirm about PATH's new PA-5s cars....

Pablo M 201

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....that they have Siemens Propulsion. On my way to Bus Fest yesterday, was at Grove Street yesterday waiting for a World Trade Center train, then all the sudden on Track 2, I hear another train coming in, 5 minutes after a Journal Square train came through, and the next train wasn't due for another few minutes, with the Newark coming 2 minutes after, and next you know I see the front of a PA-5. Was praying that it'll stop and it did. The Siemens Propulsion on the train is pretty silent, but its not as loud as other trains with Siemens Propulsion in other systems. It was a nice little surprise, and now I know they're testing more east past Journal Square in the middle of the day.


Won't be long til the first revenue service run!

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I can't wait for these. Every time i go to nyc i see them either sitting there in the yard or in testing.




ya me mate, but when are this trains cumming into service


I so need to get a shot of these , in the down low :P


Not a good idea risking getting your camera taken from you. If you want to get photos of them go through the permit process and proper channels. You may even get permission to see them at the harrison facility.


- A

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