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Some Pics from the early 2000-2008

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M7 bus before the New AMS Depot took over and Mother Clara Hale Depot got shut down temperaly.



Bx19 before the West Farms Depot in the Bronx got reopened 20 years later with its new location and the that route number on the roster in the late 2003.



M7 bus before the New Amsterdam Depot in Manhattan got reopened a few years later in the early 2008 while the Mother Clara hale got show temperarly. i think that Orion 6001 is relocated at the kingsbridge depot or somewhere in Staten Island




A TMC Nova the use to run under by Kingsbridge untill in the early 2008 the kingsbridge depot got rid of all the nova bus to get some more Orion V and the 1999 Orion bus. I remember the Bx11 use to run under by Kingsbridge Depot and then in the year 200s Gunhill Depot and finally in the late 2003 the Bx11 currently runs under by the West farms Depot along with the Bx19,Bx21,Bx31,Bx35,Bx36,Bx6,Bx33,Bx31,Bx8,Pool Shuttle Bus,and the Bx33




A TMC Nova Bus that also use to run under by West Farms Depot for a short period of time when it got reopen with it new location by the E177 Street at the E Tremont Avenue area by the Sherdian Expressway.




A B65 bus that use to run under by the Jackie Gleason Depot in brooklyn. As of 2008 the B65 is currently running under by the East New Yoek Depot along with the Q24,B25.B45,B82,B7,B14,B17,B83,Q56 And the ENY Shuttle. Where the ENY SHuttle runs at? I never seen a ENY Shuttle Bus. it wasnt mentioned on the Brooklyn Bus Map.

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I forgot to add another photo

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Oh man, when was the last time I saw any of those? You know, it really wasn't that long ago but now, it sure seems like it was.

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