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Fuel cost subsidy


Would you be in favor?  

  1. 1. Would you be in favor?

    • Great idea.
    • Lower fee to start then raise per quarter over time.
    • Higher fee.
    • Not a good idea.
    • Other. (explain in post)

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Would you support a program which a monthly fee paid on a quarterly basis that allowed you to ride for free that paid for biodiesel and renewable electricity sources on (NJT) rail services?


The fee would be approximately 3800 a year translating to 900 a quarter making it cheaper than the same 90 days of monthly pass between nyp and trenton.


Fee program would grant participating customers unlimited free access to the entire network of (NJT) rail operations including newark subway and the light rail systems.


This would obviously not be for everyone, but a fee of ~900 dollars a quarter should work wonders with environmental impact and get riders involved in keeping fares reasonable for everyone else, and help (NJT) stay on top of the needs of its customers.


- A

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