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NYC Subway Expansion

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Hi guys! I created my own map using a website to create a future of the NYC Subway. Just want to know what you guys think. (Because the website limits me at some points it may look like the line is going thru houses but its really meant to go thru the avenues) To start the new (H) line will use the existing LIRR right of way in Brooklyn and Queens until it hits Astoria where it will be tunneled thru 26th Avenue/Newtown Avenue and 9th Street and continue up Randalls Island to Port Morris where it will be elevated all the way up until Fordham Rd. In the Bronx the (T) train will go either elevated above the (H)  similar to the (F) & (Q) in Coney Island or tunneled and ground level thru Industrial Hunts Point and back in the tunnel until Throggs Neck. Extending the (A) up Independence Ave is more of a dream to have one train connect all four boroughs but I feel it will help Riverdale better than the (1) train today. The (Q) will extend to Harlem to connect with the (A)(B)(C)(D) trains so upper manhattan can finally have its cross town subway it needs for better access to the east side and the bronx. The (N) will extend to Laguardia Airport via elevated and touch a bit of Con Edison plant to stay away from NIMBY Ditmars people complaining. The new ( 8 ) line will be extended thru Willets Point and then tunneled to College Point and Whitestone (Similar to the old proposed (7) train spur.) The (7) will be extended up Roosevelt Ave and then thru Crocheron Ave/35th Ave to Bayside. The (R) will be extended thru Jamaica Yard to and tunneled up Utopia Pkwy to St Johns U and Fresh Meadows. The (F) will be expanded to Bellerose and the (E) will be tunneled up Merrick Blvd to Laurelton. In Brooklyn the (5) will be extended to Voorhies Ave in Sheepshead Bay and the (2) to Kings Hwy. The (4) will go first to Rochester Avenue then down E New York Ave and back onto Utica and continue to Mill Basin Kings Plaza. Last but not least proposed expansion of the (L)  elevated up Flatlands Avenue to Kings Hwy meeting with the (2) & (5) trains. Also finally a connection of the (3) & (L) in Brownsville but with the new (H) train.


Here is the link: http://app.enmodal.co/?id=867f224c03b8367d    It might be hard to view on mobile so if you can look on a computer or try desktop mode.



Let me know what you guys think!

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