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CSX’s Hunter Harrison Dies

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The Wall Street Journal requires a subscription fee to look at the article.

i did a search using his name and found a short paragraph on his death at www. globe and mail.com/report on business/hunter harrison-former-head-of both-major-canadian railways has died. The Globe and Mail is Canada's national newspaper and I was able to read the article there. 

This was the only posting that i found in a quick glance other than the Wall Street Journal at the time that I am posting this comment. i checked the Toronto Star and as of this time there was nothing posted and I am awaiting a posting from Trains Magazine Trains.com.

He was a darling of the stockholders and the question now becomes what happens next at CSX?



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It seems that the Wall Street Journal charges $1 for two months and when I tried to get the full story, I was prevented from seeing the entire item. The only time that I read the Wall Street Journal in the library was for its book reviews as I get my news from other sources that are on the internet. In this case, it is not the money, it is that that there are better sites with better content that I have been able to access on a daily basis compared to the WSJ.

The Toronto Star has posted on the net a complete biography of Hunter Harrison just recently and it is a very good source of news on various topics including tomorrow's opening of the subway to Vaughn. The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) has the complete list of changes in terms of bus routes and what is notable is that the routes that used to have service north of Steeles Avenue will be replaced by YRT (township of York Rapid Transit) routes. Check  the Transit Toronto  website as it will have the list of those changes as well and the changes to the TTC routes and their histories as they will be updated.

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