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NYC Subway Stories

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Something new I wanna try out where you get to tell your own stories or experiences that involve the subway. So I'll start.

A week or 2 ago, my friends and I were waiting for the R179's At Norwood Avenue but everytime an R160 showed up, my friends would be like "Well f*** the R1-sh***ies". Heck we EVEN got one of the conductors to laugh at that quote. That same moment (but a few minutes earlier), I said "well 160's are decent, but the conductor replied to me as he was leaving the station, "THE 143'S ARE BETTER" eventually we gave up looking for the R179's so one of my friends and I just hopped on a Queens Bound R32 (J) and I went home from there. 

So what are Your subway related stories?

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Wouldn't this thread go in the off topic area? Just Saying, anyways!

I was 13 and riding the Far Rockaway bound (A) from Fulton St, an R46 with a really odd door chime, it was also packed as h*ll. I knew it was gonna be a long ride to Far Rock so I took out my phone and started playing games, I was standing right next to the doors so I had to get off and back on the train just to let passengers off (Why I didn't just move to the middle of the train, I still can't hire anyone to tell you why). At Broadway Junction however, I got off to let people leave the train, but I completely forgot I was supposed to get back on the train again, I took a seat at the station, and it was only when I looked up from my phone, I saw my train leaving (insert footage of someone trying to catch a train). Then I took a look at the next southbound (A) train arrivals on the Transit app, it was in 12 minutes.


But then I took a look at my phone again, that train was bound for Lefferts, my ACTUAL Far Rockaway train was gonna arrive in 23 MINUTES?!


"Maybe it's wrong, that app is usually inaccurate"

It wasn't wrong, and this experience is the very reason I will never use my phone on the train again, or never try to sleep on hobo proof subway seats at Broadway Junction!

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Not sure if this goes here but just a week and half ago I was at Jay St Metrotech at 5:30in the afternoon waiting for a southbound (A) or (C) either would do.Just missed a (C).The countdown  clock said the next train would be in 15 min! Didn’t see any advisories posted online about delays. Was hoping the countdown clock was wrong since it’s still rather new and maybe one or 2 of the the trains Bluetooth systems were not working. The countdown clock was right. Citymapper  said  an (A) train to Lefferts would arrive in between and it didn’t. Couldn’t believe it.When the first train came couldn’t get on.I barely got on the 2nd one. I was thinking send an (F) down to Euclid or somewhere.There were like 6 (F) trains in between. 

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The startup I worked at was located at Greendesk on Kent and South 1st in W’burg. I was living in Harlem, so I had to take the (A) to the (L) - back when the (L) broke down literally twice a day during AM rush.

And I always was on the last train to get to Bedford before it broke down.

So on May 4, 2015, I got off the (L) at Bedford right when a train had stalled and service in both directions stopped. Platform packed as per usual, and folks went to the mezzanine level to tweet.

I decided I’d tweet something funny, and got published in Gothamist.

@nosyblackman or O.B. Deuce to see it:


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Another one (cuz I have many that I put on my original Facebook):

In 2014, I was staying with cousins in the Bronx, and was unemployed, so I would leave midday and kill time on the trains and buses into the night writing and exploring NYC to see what neighborhoods I liked so I could pick one to live in when I got on my feet.

This day, I decided after I got off the (4) at 59th St and walked through Midtown to WTC that I’d go to Jamaica and then Walmart at Green Acres. So I walked across Dey and John to Fulton (J) and rode it to the end.

Went up the escalator and started walking the bus bays until I found whatever Queens bus that got me to Green Acres (Q5 or Q85, IIRC), and I hear my name.

”Otis?! OTIS!!!”

Turn around, and it’s a cousin I hadn’t seen or talked to since 2006.

NYC randomness: might be 9 million people here but you will run into folks you know in the most random of places.


Similarly, in July 2017, I went to karaoke with the ex-gf in Midtown. Her best friend’s b-day (her best friend is this awesome law professor that lives by Dyckman).

Ex-gf and I are riding the A local - she lives in Bedstuy, and y’all know I take the yacht for 30 minutes. I’m switching at Chambers St to do an OOS x-fer.

Ex-gf gets off the train with me bc she wants to keep “talking” - or PDA as we Gen X and Gen Y folks call it. And I’m the one that dumped her, so I move away from the kiss, and who do I see staring at us rushing to get on the next (A)?

The girl I was with before Ex-gf.

Ex-gf didn’t notice her, but she gets on the train in the same car as Ex-ex-gf. And Ex-ex-gf starts moving towards her as the train pulls out.

Still dunno how that ended, but Ex-gf and I still aren’t together (and because she’s a narcissist and horrid, will never get another round with me).

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Well, I can't tell you something crazy i did as a train operator!

I had a 4:30am Report on the (6) out of Westchester Yard.

My first trip started at Parkchester to the Bridge back to Pelham.

and My next 2 trips was from Pelham to the Bridge and back!

I finished my day roughly at 1-1:30 and as i was getting ready to sign out

I'm approached by a senior lady who was working her RDO, Had a G.O job, but the G.O was cancelled so she fell to the board and picked up a Job she didn't want. So she asked me if i wanted to do it and i asked what was it. It was a Trip On The (5). So i said Ok. But first the dispatcher had to call Time Keeping to she if it will Violate my time. Meaning Im ok as long as i don't go into the 12 hour rest time i need to start the following day! The Crew Office gives me the Ok. 

The Trip Didn't start till 3:30. so i went back to Westchester Yard to get my car, and drive and park at 239 yard. Then take the Bx16 to Dyre.

Did my one trip down to Flatbush and back Up to 238, but the had me run express all the way back in the bronx so after one 180 i went express to Gun Hill which was my last stop, Brought the train to the yard and signed out!

One of the senior guys asked me "what you doing here, wasn't you on the (6) ? when i told him what i did he said "You done lost your damn Mind" LoL

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Sorry for bumbing the thread, but this felt like the most Accurate place to say this


Yesterday (or was it 2 days ago) I was on my way home from the NYU tandon school of Engineering and I made it to Roosevelt after getting off the (7) in which I transfered to from Court Square off the (G) (when I could've just simply taken the (F) but wanted to spot an R46 (G)). So I'm at Roosevelt and an R46 (R)  shows up the minute I get to the platform. I needed to get on the second car of the train so that I could access the eastern-most entrance at 63rd Drive-Rego Park. I get on the second car of the train, and IT ALREADY SMELLS LIKE URINE AND CRAP COMBINED! So for 3 seconds, I stand there like an idiot holding my breath wishing i had deodorant of Febreeze OR SOMETHING so that I could freshen out the train car. BUT I couldn't stand the smell for long and try to jump to the first car as fast as I could. The conductor closes the doors before I had a chance to get on and I felt pissed that I missed the train, but luckily, a 160 (M) shows up not long after and I quietly mutter to myself "MTA sucks" "MTA sucks". I should've unleashed on Twittter but was like, ".............nah, I'm too tired for this and just wanna be at home".  And that's where the story ends.

I copied and pasted my story from here

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