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Question about MTA hiring signal maintainers

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hey guys, I took the practical for signal maintainer in April 2017 and was called in to take a drug test in Oct 2017 with a list number of 110, I guess they called me before the final list was established, now its Feb 2018 and I just called Mta and there telling me they are not bothering calling outsiders for the exam only insiders, and to top it all off I see there is another exam coming out in March 2018 , how can they do this? so I wasted my time?

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I called 180 Livingston and was told by the person who does the hiring for signal maintainers that she didn't get the OK yet to hire and if they do it will be INTERNALS only, so what happens to the people who came off the street that was called in for pre-employment and drug test?

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hey Matt, my concern was that they will only hire internals and what happens to the one who pass the test from the streets? couldn't MTA get in trouble for only hiring internals off the list and that's it?


the practical is a hands on test to see if you can use a multimeter and take apart a particular part from the train I believe and put it back together by following the instruction's provided and using the correct tools


you will have wire up a board by reading a blueprint

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@tprashad0719, I think Transit has a lot of leeway to hire as they see fit.

Not complete freedom, but close to it.  And people who are already employed there will always be the priority, so they can avoid layoffs and offer promotional opportunities to existing employees.


Someone on another thread today suggested Transit is currently on a hiring freeze, which of course would mean that they could only hire (promote) internally.

Hopefully Transit isn't actually on a hiring freeze or such a freeze ends soon.

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