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[poem] Despido Final


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Despido Final

By Julio C.


despido final


cada dia mas que pasa, contigo a su lado y no conmigo,

es un golpe mas a mi corason con el martillo

que clava el clavo mas profundo en mi

si tu te casas con el, sera el golpe fatal para mi

en este verso, que yo escribi para ti


sera el ultimo despido a ti,

sera el ultimo adios que escucharas

con estas palabras acceptare que jamas

seras para mi seras para mi


que es mejor resignarme y aceptar la derrota

aceptar este cruel destino en esta vida loca

pedir a dios que traiga mi final

porque es lo mismo,que sin ti estar


y al fin matar este dolor en mi

la mujer que antes por cual era mi razon para vivir

ahora es la razon por cual yo me quiero morir

que sin ti no sere feliz

que sin ti para que vivir?


a la misma vez que deseo habarte conocido

antes que tu conociera a el

tambien deseo jamas haberte conocido, ni pensar en tu piel

de esta vida ya no puedo aguantar

mas dolor y desamor

por eso le pido a dios que traiga mi muertepor favor

no tenerte a ti y estar muerto y al fin matar este dolor


y eso sera el ultimo despido de mi para ti,

y eso sera el ultimo adios que escucharas salir de mi

que para donde me voy,

jamas me volveras a ver, ni volver a escuchar mi voz

adios, te deseo lo mejor

adios, te quiero amor

adios, nunca te olvidare

adios..un dia de estos morire

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Here it is in English. Man, it sounds super emo lol


Final Goodbye


With each day that passes by, you with him instead of me

is a another hit more towards my heart with the hammer

that hammers down the nail deeper inside of me.

If you were to marry him, it would be a fatal blow for me

In this verse, that I wrote for you


It will be the last farewell for you,

It will be the last goodbye you'll hear.

With these words I'll accept that you'll never

be mine, be mine.


That it's better to resign and accept defeat.

Accept this cruel destiny in this crazy life.

Ask god to bring my end

because it would the same as not having you

and at last kill this pain inside of mi.


The woman that used to be mi reason to live

now is the reason for which I wish to die.

Without you, I wont be happy

without you, why live?


At the same time that I wish I had met you

before you met him

I also wish that I had never met you, nor think about your skin

of this life I can no longer cope

with more pain and unlove

it is because of this, that I ask god to bring my death

Not have you, be dead and finally kill this pain


and this will be the last farewell for you

and this will be the last goodbye you'll hear from me

where I'm going

you'll never see me again nor hear my voice

Goodbye, I wish you the best

Goodbye, I love you my love

Goodbye, I'll never forget you

Goodbye, one of these days I'll die.

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Great job......I felt the mood of that poem. So deep and lonely. Honestly, it relates to alot of things some people would actually think at their time like that...


Awesome job!

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I felt the mood perfectly fine in English. I really love it...though it makes me feel awfully sad.

That's Bachata for you (Spanish version of the blues), It's all about desamor (unlove). I need to stop being lazy and finally make it into a song.

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Wow, great poem.


And yeah, kinda emo, especially if you set it to music made by a band with two guitars, a bass, a drum set, and a vocalist... then you may have millions of teenage girls singing along to it... :D

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