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Coney Island Av

Subway/Transit Parodies

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@Lance or @Cait Sith: (Could we get this pinned, so that people can easily access it, and get higher views?) I created this since @RR503 brought up the off-topic section for these silly posts. 

Fair warning, this will contain some high levels of foam, and please don't get offended Fiorello N Train. BTW, you wanted me to make another story. As for the rest of you viewing, please don't get offended by this too. I mean no harm. This is just for the laughs! Anyways...

"The Railfan's Rarities" -a parody of "The Man, the boy, and the donkey..." 

A young boy called @LGA Link N train was observing a forum. This wasn't just any forum, it was a subway forum. Everyone was bashing on about the NYC Subway. He brought up a rare catch of an (F) via Broadway. But one of the members there (or @Union Tpke to be exact) said, "This isn't a rare catch, it's a service change!"

So @LGA Link N train went around to get another rare catch, and this time he brought up an R179 (Z) train. A member called @j express said, "This isn't rare enough, you can't put something that won't be rare in a few days!

He went out again, and this time he brought up an R160 (R) train. But I myself, @Coney Island Av, said, "This isn't rare enough, it happens occasionally!" 

@LGA Link N train then didn't know what to do, so he brought up a dream of an R142 (3) train terminating at 137 St-City College. Unfortunate to the boy, @RR503 said it didn't count since it was just "a dream of foam" and didn't actually happen. 

Finally, @LGA Link N train was completely out of ideas. He pulled an Einstein and slammed his head against an opened textbook. Eventually, he grabbed a rollsign hex key, and messed with the rollsigns on an R68A (N) with the conductor's permission, and it became an R68A (E) to Coney Island! When he put up pictures of it on the forum, everyone burst out laughing. @Lawrence St was dying on the floor. @Coney Island Av was litterally laughing so hard that he cryed. LMAO's spammed his post, and there were like, one thousand million infinity googol of them. The conductor switched the signs back, and it became an average (N) train once again.

A retired, old, T/O, by the name of @Trainmaster5, said this: "That will teach you the moral."

"Please all, and you please none. No matter how rare something is, it's just a train." 

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This seems like this could be a funny thread as long as no one crosses the border.

I've encountered a Few (F) ' a on Broadway myself,  I just couldn't record them at the time......

R179 (Z) is a rare occasion FOR NOW and I'm well aware that this will no longer be the case in a couple of months

R160 (R) trains I see occasionally even on weekdays. There was this one unit (I think it was #9473 or something like that.) I take it to 65 St and I visit my grandma. After a period of time I go home and there it was. R160 #9473 on the (R) once again, but this time I boarded #9474

I remember that dream about the R142 (3) terminating at 137 St - City College, if that actually happened  (which I think did at one point) that'd be an interesting sight to see.

I've had experience with a Hex key before with permission for R42 #4736. I'm sure other people in these forums had experience with that specific unit. 

An R68A (E) train. That'd be lit. However I'm not crazy enough. 

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