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Toronto transit ideas proposals etc

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In other forum while members were debating crowding solutions and the venerable DRL a member in jest suggested we should run for mayor so i came up with a fictional transit platform if i ran for toronto mayor id like to see your thoughts and if you want to offer rebuttals. With that here we go

Creating the fictional Mayoral Transit Platform
Thanks to a member they said one of us should run for mayor got me thinking, id like to hear from you

Brian's Mayoral Transit Platform idea
If i were to run for mayor of Toronto my Transit platform would include Many Modes Bus, Subway and LRT/Streetcar
and reform of the ttc

I would reform the TTC by Kicking out the Politician from the Chairman Seat, Why because as we have seen too much oppturnities squandered by politicians meddling in the TTC

IOS= initial operating segment

First Lets talk Subways
My Fictional Administration would Support 3 Subway Projects

Line 4 Extension in 4 Phases
Line 4 Needs to be extended to its full potential rather then a 5 stop shuttle

First phase to victoria park
Goal is to extend the route with the eventual goal of extending to stc
Stops would be at brian and victoria park

Second Phase Extension to Sheppard West
Goal is to extend the subway west adding more stops and improve connectivity
Stops would be at bathhurst and Sheppard west

Third phase is Extension to Scarborough Town Center
Goal is to Improve transit for those in Scarborough
Stops to scarborough would be at birchmount, Brimley and STC

Forth phase to Morningside with Connection to Line 5
Goal is Service Expansion with connection to Line 5
Stops would be at Mcowan, Shorting, Markham, Washburn, Breyon and Morningside

Line 2 Extension to Scarborough town Center
Goal of Improving Transit Access to Scarborugh
I would do a 2 stop extension
Stops will be at lawrence east and stc

I would also support a study for the bloor danforth subway extension west to Mississauga 

And here we are with the venerable dream of the Relief Line with 2 phased extensions
With 2 phased extensions my drl as proposed would run from don mills to dufferin via queen

The IOS would be from pape to osgood and run via queen street

First phase extension would run north from pape to don mills

Second phase would run from osgood to dufferin via queen

Bus to improve capicity on Over Crowded lines i would expand the order of Articulated buses

I support the Eglington Line 5 With 2 phased extensions

Phase 1 Extension to Pearson Airport
Purpose is to give an alternative for service to airport for those who do not want to use UP express

Phase 2 is to extend Service to Morningside
Purpose is to expand service to Scarborugh
Run as proposed

Streetcar and Lrt proposals
All streetcars and lrt should have grade seperated Row where streets are wide enough

Finch LRT
Support finch Lrt as proposed with phase 1 extension to Finch subway station

Jane LRT
Proposed Jane Lrt would run from Jane station on line 2 connect with line 5 at Eglinton and connect with finch lrt at finch and jane will also connect with 512 steeetcar at st clair and jane

Steeles lrt
Proposed steeles Lrt wouls run from Kipling and steeles to york university with phase 2 extension to future steeles line 1 station

Kipling LRT
Proposed Kipling LRT IOS would run from Kipling station to steeles to connect with steeles Lrt
2nd phase extension to queensway-humber college via kipling

512 streetcar
Extend 512 as proposed to connect With Jane LRT

Waterfront Lrt
Must expand union streetcar loop for more capicity (how can that be done?)
Run waterfront streetcar as proposed to humber loop

Funding agreement would be a 40 30 30 combo if agreeable

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