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A one Year Anniversary

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Good Evening, to whoever celebrates it, Happy Passover.

One year ago today, on March 30th, 2017, was the first time 5987 was transferred from CS to TU for training and passenger service, (shown in the first picture taken on 97th st and Madison ave.) For the hell of it, to celebrate the first New Flyers to ever hit the streets of Manhattan, I've shared all my photos taken when all the buses were brand new. Now their a "everyday thing" but I remember when bus fanners were out getting as many photos of it as they could, including myself. My photos taken below span from beginning of April, to mid-May, so Enjoy...



2017 XD60 5987 (moved)

The first move was 5987 being transferred temporarily from Casey Stengel depot to Tuskegee (TU) depot in Manhattan. The move lasted about a month, and 5987 is currently back at (CS) depot.


2017 XD60 5987 (parked)

When first transferred to (TU), 5987 was used as a training bus for new operators. It was soon put up into revenue service for passengers.


2017 XD60 6045 (out of service)

Once the full allotment of buses rolled in, (TU) was able to have more than one bus out at a time. Pictured here, bus 6045 is parked right outside the depot, all ready for a trip down Lexington ave on the M101-M103.


2017 XD60 6045 (M15)

Shortly a month after of the arrivals, (TU) started testing the XD60's on different Manhattan routes, Pictured here on the M15.


2017 XD60 6035 (M102)

6035, pictured here going Northbound on the M102.


2017 XD60 6039 (M101 Limited)

6039, pictured here on the M101 Limited going southbound along 3rd ave.


2017 XD60 6055 (M101 Limited)

6055, pictured, going northbound on 3rd ave.


2017 XD60 6063 (at stop)

6063, pictured, right outside the deopt ready to make its trip on the M101 down Lexington ave.


2017 XD60 6047 (M103)

6047, pictured, making its way up to Harlem, at 26 st and 3rd ave.



Hope you enjoyed, have a good weekend.


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Excellent photos. They are definitely an everyday thing in Manhattan and The Bronx. Those buses have been ad free for a whole year. Although it's boring to look at these buses with the blue and yellow colors. At least start slapping at least rear ads on these buses. 

Unless there's a mandate that no ads to be placed on these newer buses. The white and blue paint to me is a bit better! 

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