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Racism in politics


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Racism in politics is the subset of divided in conquer theory that has prevented whites and blacks from uniting in this country. The question that arises from this statement is who benefits when we fight? Certainly it isn’t ether of us since we’re now realizing that wealth can be redistributed under tight economic rivalry. Globalization brought about new competitors in the American market. Those competitors have caused a down shift in wealth distribution among the elite class of America. They is no needs for middlemen anymore, China’s executives now has direct access to the American market. The American elites must now share wealth with the Chinaman and they’re loosing because China is not here to buy, they’re only here to sell.


Lately they have been racial remarks among both parties, some of which are intended to divides American towards different racial groups. Some people believe that a racially divided America is beneficial to McCain campaign as well as the elite class and therefore have made all attempts to divides Americans. This idea of dividing and conquer is slowly fading away because Americans are getting smarter. Some have realized that a racially divided America is only beneficial to the elite class not the other way around. By given white middle class a little to suppress blacks, they intern benefited from this lack of unity by engulfing most of the wealth. As it is known “together we stand divided we’ll fall” so if we want to stand, we must say no to this form of inequality that has been going on for years in this country. We must realize that only a united America is best under globalization. If we want to compete with China we shouldn’t make race an issue in this election. Let the best man prevail and we’ll support who ever that it maybe.


No one wants to let go of power. This country for a long time have had total control of the world economy, apparently that has changed, we’re slowly loosing that power. We are loosing it mainly because we change our way of during business. We have become the country of middlemen, making profits off other people’s hard work. Our corporations have found it beneficial to them to mass produce things in other countries because of cheap labor. Should we say it’s our corporation’s fault that our economy has fallen apart or should we include globalization as part of the problem? Is our worker over paid compare to the rest of the world or is it corporate greed that led to this mess. Or perhaps we’re not ready to compete globally because we’re not competing on an even platform.


Living expanse in India and China are far less than ours which makes their income lower but it doesn’t mean that we’re better off. In the United State our income are higher and so is our expanse which makes both conditions relative to one another. In a sense these two countries are more likely to attract American businesses because a greater profit is possible when the work is performed in their country while the end product is sold to us for a greater profit. Are we ready to compete in a global market or should we intact reform instead of deregulation. Well, together we’ll stand, we must not let elites divides us to secure their interest instead we fight to secure whatever is in the interest of the country as a whole.

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