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A Former New Yorker

Sex Toys ads to be allowed on NYC Subway trains

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@Deucey - Those are all valid points that you've raised. You're preaching to the choir.

Perhaps its reasons like morality concerns, immaturity, and lack of decency that cause most transit agencies to prefer having ads from car dealerships and oatmilk producers.

When I was in grade school, cigarette ads were all over the subway (I still recall the 'Alive with Pleasure' slogans). I also recall the ads for rum on the buses. Oh, and lets not forget about the Jordache Jeans ads. Rome didn't burn then, and it won't burn now.

Let's see where this case ultimately goes. I'm kinda routing for Dame (the marital aid seller) on First Amendment grounds.

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On 6/22/2019 at 4:51 PM, Deucey said:

That, but remember that for some reason, males tend to act such asses over anything sexual in public that it leads to harassment.

Lest we forget the worldstar video on the (6) from years ago, or the rampant tendencies for some males to whip johnsons out or rub them up on people on trains.

And then there’s the Tumblr porn...

What, pray tell, does that have to do with sex ads on the subway?

You don't need them around for any of what you said to happen.

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@bulk88 - Before your post (or my reply to it) gets deleted, its fair to point out that the first one was made in NYC by a professional crew on a NYC subway car and in a NYC subway station (I viewed it for 'research purposes' - I swear I did ;).

In the past, HBO used to film on the E train late at night for their Real Sex series. Strippers would spin on a pole in a near empty subway car. The 'passengers' were clearly with HBO. Why not - the MTA got paid to allow a production crew use their facilities, just like any other movie. I think it helps that the actresses in both the HBO endeavor and Ms. Reid's film (Ms. Reid herself) are pleasant to look at. 

If the MTA can allow this and they can allow ads for male vitality supplements, they can allow ads for marital aids.

(( I must say, that 2nd clip belongs in the Amtrak section of the forum...:)    )).

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On 7/1/2019 at 11:31 AM, bulk88 said:


I don’t get why you’d post links.

Thats a DM thing IF someone asks (and you know they’re of age).

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