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<7> Express Shutdown

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So with the summer service change making all <7> run local between 74th and QBP, I want to create a more in-depth discussion about how this is affecting the overall atmosphere of the (7)<7>. Now I know I tend to disappear from the forum for weeks at a time but I'll try to be more active.

First thing I noticed is that express trains are signed up as local trains that are bypassing stops. Instead of express trains making additional stops. This is definitely confusing commuters going eastbound, and people at Flushing. On Monday at flushing when the passengers saw () instead of <> they all ran out of the train. 

Second, For the most part, is usually faster to take whatever comes first rather than the express (westbound). While on Monday everyone was confused and pissed, today I noticed a lot more people on the local than I normally would at Flushing, so it seems like people are adapting quickly, while at Junction Blvd many people were still waiting for the express.

For the final thing. there seems to be a new evening service pattern. I noticed that there were 2 111 st bound trains in really close proximity to each other(One arriving the same time as me, and the other being the 4th train to arrive. ie Arv)111th LCL, 1)Flush EXP, 2)Flush LCL, 3)Flush EXP, 4)111th LCL). While I'm familiar with trains terminating at Mets Willets Point, I don't normally see 111th st bound trains during the evening rush. I wonder if they are trying to split customers by destination. It might be a tactic to reduce congestion and is similar to something you'd see on the (6)<6> or the MNR, or It could just be really weird timing, Flushing has been having a lot of congestion problems as of lately and it feels like it's worse than normal.


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