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Exam 7603: Electronic equipment maintainer/Provisional offer

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I am new to this forum and I have few questions about the exam 7603, Electronic Equipment Maintainer and the Provisional Status.


I have been looking for answer everywhere and surprisingly I can’t find anything about the Electronic Position maintainer.  


Last year I decided to apply for the exam 7603, Electronic Equipment Maintainer.


March 2017 I have been appointed to a multiple choice test that I passed.


August 2017 I took the practical exam. I am confident that I did well. When I left they told me the result would come between 9 to 12 months.


A year passed and I am still waiting for a list number.

Last month I received a thick letter from the MTA saying that I have to be at 180 Livingston Street office because I am considered for a Provisional position as Electronic Equipment maintainer. 


Because I really want to be working for the MTA and that this position is well paid I decided to show up.

Long story short, I passed the drug test and now I have been called to Livingston this Tuesday 09/04/18.

If I understand if everything goes well, they do my fingerprints check the 21 pages booklet then I will be sworn to the position.


The dilemma is that I just started a new job that I kind of like, I just completed my first week of training and already thinking of resigning.

I would definitely leave the job for the Electronic Equipment maintainer. The only down side is the Provisional status; they say there is a 1 year probation, is it safe to proceed?


Thanks for your help!

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I speak from my past experience at a union based job myself. There was a one year probationary period as well. Basically, be on your best behavior for that whole year even after the 90 days of being in the union. 

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Yes, good luck. Still trying to test for another position myself. I had machinist testing earlier in the year. I know due to my abilities I passed three sections out of the four, I'm very confident in saying that don't mean to sound arrogant at all when I say it... Basically, during the first year I would also have TOP NOTCH attendance as well. Stay under the radar and don't give them a reason to trouble you. The union will only do so much for you. It's not a bad thing to be on probation, just annoying. They don't provide vision or dental in that year as well. My guess no wasted money if they decide to fire the person after the year is up. Like I said, good luck and enjoy your new career man. Can't wait for my second chance.... 

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Hello MattMatt,

I was called to come in to 33-61 54th st, Flushing , NY to take a soldering assessment and to Interview.

I did not take an exam prior to this. I applied to the skilled position and attached my resume and received the call.

Did you go through this process and if so, how long after it did they make you an offer?

I’m wondering how long the process will be after I take the assessment and interview.

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.



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