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13 hours ago, BM5 via Woodhaven said:


The QM15 is beneficial, and I also wished it had Sunday service. I definitely believe something similar as was done to get weekend X28 service is needed in this case. I would be down to write to my local lawmakers & sign petitions as well. I've personally written to lawmakers multiple times in the past about it.

As for local council member, I'm assuming you (shiznit) live in district 30 (most of Middle Village is within it). Personally I'm not too impressed with Robert Holden, as he basically ran on wanting to improve transportation. However, he's been against bus lanes on both Woodhaven Boulevard and Fresh Pond Road, and pushed for the subway shutdown (before it happened). The only improvement during his term was to the AM QM25 schedule, but I'm not even sure if he had a part in that.  He's been spending more time on talking about culture war issues too, so IDK exactly how much correspondence you'll get from him. State senator Addabbo is another one that not only was vehemently against bus lanes along Woodhaven Boulevard, but hasn't been active in any other transportation related issues, AFAIC. I've written to my assemblyman (Brian Barnwell) and he sounds more proactive about transportation issues, IMO. 


I forgot to say that the City Council members can't do much way, as the (MTA) is a State agency. The Senator and Assemblyman are really the people to contact regarding (MTA) issues. Holden is very active and cares deeply about the areas he represents. If he covered my area, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

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