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Peter Dougherty

2019 Track Book cover photo finalists.

2019 TrackBook Finalist  

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  1. 1. Vote for the Trackbook Photo Finalist

    • 1 - 7 Train @ Queensboro
    • 2 - R160 J Train
    • 3 - R62 & R142 4 Train
    • 4 - A Train @ Bway Jct
    • 5 - R32 J Train On Bridge
    • 6 - R62 2 Train In Portal

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Well here they are, folks! These are the finalists for the 2019 trackbook cover. You can vote for your favourites if you'd like! The runners-up will qualify for the back cover. 

My sincere thanks to all who submitted entries. I will announce the winner next week. I had wanted to create a poll here for these images, but it appears as though the software doesn't allow that option. Enjoy!!












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Thanks! I didn't know how to do that. I will hopefully announce a winner next week. I need to get the finalists' best-quality image files first to see how each of them will print on an offset press. So far I'm having real trouble with the (J) train. Looks great on screen but at 1200 dpi....not so much, alas.

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OK, enough dilly-dallying! Time to announce the winners!

The front cover winner is Kenny Richetti for the Ghost Of The 7.



And the rear cover winner is Jie wen Li.



I really liked the J-train image, but after manipulating it as best I could and consulting my book's printer, there's no way I could make it work in print. Just too dark and too noisy, unfortunately. I also loved the A train motion picture, and if I hadn't received Kenny's winning image, it would have won the day. The two trains on the Manny-B was a good photo, but I used something similar on the back cover a couple of years ago, and the old/new 4 trains just didn't have the pop I was looking for.

My sincere thanks to all entrants and feel free to submit your photos for next year's contest, which runs until Oct. 15, 2019 at 11:59pm.

I would like to add that for next year and beyond, I'd like to get back to more track/signal-focused pictures if possible, since that's really the focus of my work. Long-lens shots of interlockings, nice underground shots with tunnel lights and signals reflecting off the rails, night, dawn/twilight outdoor shots, and so on. I'm a bit less likely to consider train run-by photos in the future unless the image is really amazing.

Thanks once again, and CONGRATS to the winners! I will be in contact with you shortly.

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