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MTA Bins Proposal to Eliminate Overnight Cleaning Crews

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@Deucey I'm sure you can come up with a better snarky and/or clickbaity title.

In yet another move that baffles the mind, the MTA recently proposed eliminating overnight station cleaning as part of a cost-cutting initiative. Similar to the failed pilot which saw the removal of trash bins across many stations in the subway, this idea was poorly received by almost everyone, with good reason mind you. As everyone knows the subway is synonymous with uncleanliness, so the idea of eliminating the cleaning crews from the one time of the day where stations aren't swamped with riders was seen as short-sighted to say the least. It's no surprise that riders reported seeing trash overflowing out of the bins and eventually onto the tracks. Just as with the removal of the bins themselves a couple of years ago, these ideas do not incentivize people to take their trash with them, but rather just dump it wherever. The MTA finally realized this unavoidable fact and reversed their position, trashing the trash collection curtailment.


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(MTA) Rethink: Fabuloso isn't that expensive

(MTA): We'll keep cleaners because we couldn't understand how Handy worked

(MTA): on second thought, cleaning during the day only is kinda stupid. Our bad.

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