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Why the elimination of MCAT M6

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I was wondering a huge loss in a bus transit...and is the Middlesex County Area Transit M6 bus which ran from Jamesburg to Princeton Junction NJT Rail station...at first I said the truncation of the bus from the RR station to Plainsboro was not that bad as for 3 reasons...1) the MCAT M6 extended way passed its county jurisdictions...2) the route was coexistence with the NJT 600...3) poor service passed Plainsboro

So to me is why did MCAT discontinued the route in the first place...I mean ok make it bihourly but NO!!! They decides to deregistered the bus route

Which brought me to make this proposal...and is to separate the M1 to two final destinations...the 1st one the normal route and the 2nd one go to Plainsboro and make a loop around Dey Road Stone Creek road (quail ridge apts) and Plainsboro road and back to route 130 back to New Brunswick...at Stone Creek road the M1 can connect to the NJT 600 at ease and have a fair connection between the MCAT and a NJT Mercer county division

I am in huge favour of the implemented MCAT M1 bus route...but can't be assured if it dosent meet the requirements. 

Which it comes to the public opinion what do you guys think?

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