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j express

Behind the scenes: 239 St yard

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Seen here is a slideshow of the photos I took at 239 St yard which is home to R142s on the (2) line. Some R142s on the (5) are stored here also. 239 St yard also stores some redbird refuse trains and the Low Vs. There is also a wheel truing machine in the barn. 


46340979791_2360886fb1_h.jpg48275058_2022811481141715_566789405075832832_o_2022811474475049 by jw456, on Flickr

45617579934_b0f59319f3_h.jpg48348600_2022811207808409_4630559801238093824_o_2022811197808410 by jw456, on Flickr

45617585994_84ec878452_b.jpg48360028_2022811724475024_2755411164664954880_o_2022811717808358 by jw456, on Flickr

31401718227_9ec445744c_b.jpg48394581_2022810401141823_5932634262925737984_o_2022810394475157 by jw456, on Flickr

45617592134_86b4178089_b.jpg48367874_2022811344475062_8201055011635986432_o_2022811337808396 by jw456, on Flickr

45617596654_a03b518491_b.jpg48359454_2022810051141858_7044663946548084736_o_2022810047808525 (2) by jw456, on Flickr

45428362235_be39639849_b.jpg48371955_2022810231141840_8857728448605454336_o_2022810227808507 (2) by jw456, on Flickr


45428366245_b5cd6eaef8_b.jpg48385430_2022811354475061_3117421090322776064_o_2022811347808395 by jw456, on Flickr



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