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How Deinterlining Can Improve NYC Transit

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This was a very interesting read, very good points made (some more practical than others of course):



Just a few ideas on my mind about Deinterlining Broadway and the DeKalb Junction and how it can be done (based off a post I made in the "Redesign a Line" thread).

As a weekday AM & PM Rush Hour (Q) commuter between 57 St-7 Av & Avenue U, I constantly deal with the horrid (N) merge at 34th St which will slow down my (Q) all the way to the bridge going south or stop us at 28th St on the express track going north, not to mention it causes delays on both the (R) and (W) , & god forbid there'd be a (B) merging in front of the on the bridge going south. With all the timers, curves and insanely slow speed limits in the DeKalb Junction, this causes many gaps in (Q) service south of DeKalb Av, when trains are supposed to run roughly 7 minutes apart but will go from 2-4 minute intervals to 13-16 minute intervals at times during rush hour.        

My plan would be to completely de-interline the Broadway Line and the DeKalb Junction during normal hours:

(N) 96 St-2 Av to Coney Island via Broadway-4 Av Express via Sea Beach Daily, 5:00 AM-12:00 AM. Late Nights, Astoria-Ditmars Blvd to Coney Island via Broadway-4 Av Local via Whitehall St. 


(Q) 96 St-2 Av to Coney Island via Broadway-4 Av Express via West End (B'way Local during late nights).  


(W) Astoria-Ditmars Blvd to Whitehall St via Broadway Local, Daily 5:00 AM-12:00 AM. To compensate for the loss of the (N) in Astoria, the  will have to be bumped up to approximately 14 trains per hour (frequency roughly every 4-5 minutes, similar to the (F)) during peak-times to keep the same amount of trains running as of right now. Unfortunately Whitehall St is not a sufficient terminus to accommodate 14 trains per hour and without proper fleet numbers to extend into Brooklyn, a couple of (W) will have to short-turn at Canal St (upper level) during peak-times.    


(D) 205 St-Norwood to Coney Island via 6 Av Express/Brighton Local. 


Fleet Swaps/Changes: 


R68: 240 (30 Sets)

+1 Set of R68 Spares during Rush Hour will be used.


R68: 8 (1 Set)

R160: 210 (21 Sets)

+1 Set of R68 Spares during Rush Hour will be used.


R68: 8 (1 Set)

R160: 210 (21 Sets)


R68: 24 (3 Sets)

R160: 170 (17 Sets)

+5 Sets of R160 Spares during Rush Hour will be used.



Reduced congestion. 

Increased capacity.

Minimal delays (especially on the Manhattan Bridge, which can be an absolute nightmare).



Astoria line loses Broadway Express service (although only 4 stops are skipped between 57 St-7 Av and Canal St, so not a huge loss).

Brighton line loses direct Broadway service. Transfers will have to be made at Atlantic Av-Barclays Center, DeKalb Av or 34 St-Herald Square.

West End & 4 Av Line loses direct 6 Av Service. Transfers will have to be made at Atlantic Av-Barclays Center, DeKalb Av or 34 St-Herald Square.


With this service pattern, there wouldn't be any interlining/merging of various lines, reducing delays and increasing capacity. 

Alternative Option:

Keep the (D) via West End, replace Sea Beach service with the (B), Bedford Park Blvd/145 St-Coney Island, normal hours (96 St-2 Av late nights), providing Central Park West with weekend service. (N) Astoria-Whitehall St via Local (extended to Bay Ridge-95 St during late nights, eliminating the (R) Shuttle), (Q)<Q>96 St-2 Av to Brighton Beach/Coney Island, (W) eliminated. However extended (B) service during nights via 6 Av may be viewed as superfluous (unnecessary) & long time Sea Beach Riders likely not be to fond of losing (N) service. Lastly these service patterns are confusing. It'd be better to put 6th Av lines on Brighton & Broadway Lines on Sea Beach and West End.


Thoughts on this? Also I want to pick your brains on alternative options to deinterlining the Broadway Line & DeKalb Junction and any other ideas for deinterlining in the NYC Subway System. 

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9 hours ago, R32s said:

Thoughts on this?

This has already been discussed basically to death, and I don't believe this proposal contributes anything new.

Brighton is better served by its current service than by what you suggest. DeKalb Junction has operational inefficiencies that can be remedied without modifying service in that area. Broadway, on the other hand, needs deinterlining and your proposal is consistent with earlier ones.

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