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Rescinded Job due to Driving Record

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I recently received a conditional offer from Amtrak for their Locomotive Engineer program. About two weeks before I was due to start class, the offer was recsinded due to my driving record. I had passed everything else in the hiring process. My record is iffy unfortunately. I do have 5 moving violations in a 5 year period. My license currently has no points, though the tickets are still on my record. The recruiter said they are concerned about my ability to adhere to very strict safety rules. I'm quite depressed over losing this job, as I've tried for years to get into Amtrak. Do you think I have a chance of them selecting me again in the future? Maybe wait until I have a few years of clean driving. Thanks for any feedback. 

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Probably depends on how much information was on the driving abstract they obtained.
There are two kinds, one shows violations within the past 3 years and the other is for the entire lifetime of your record.

It doesn't hurt to keep applying, so I'd say go for it (after your 3-year record is clear).

Everything I said above is relative to New York. For New Jersey, it's a 5-year or lifetime record.

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