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Q Broadway Express

PATH In 1964.

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Port Authority Trans Hudson

From Hart's Guide To New York City

© 1964 Pages 953 - 954

Popularly known as the Hudson Tubes, this underground railway passes beneath the Hudson River, connecting New York City with Hoboken, Jersey City, {Harrison} and Newark. The first of the system's three tubes was completed in 1904, which makes it the oldest transportation tunnel in New York.

The main station, known as the Hudson Terminal, is at Cortlandt and Church Streets (CO7-3267). It may be reached by IND, BMT, and IRT subway lines. From this terminal, trains leave for New Jersey (see Map Section). Old and unprepossessing, the Hudson Terminal is nevertheless far more pleasant than any of the city's other subway arcades. Among its many shops and eateries are an all-night sandwich shop and a stand up clam-and-oyster bar which never closes, and offers what are probably the lowest prices in town for such crustaceans.

During rush hours, trains run four minutes apart. At other times there is a wait of about 15 minutes between trains. After midnight, trains are scheduled every 30 minutes. 

From 5 A.M. to midnight, the five lines in operation are:1


Hudson Terminal to Journal Square

10 minutes 30¢

Hudson Terminal to Hoboken

10 minutes 30¢

33rd Street to Hoboken

14 minutes 30¢

Hudson Terminal to Newark

20 minutes 40¢

33rd Street to Journal Square

20 minutes 30¢

From midnight to 5 A.M., trains from the Hudson Terminal to Hoboken are discontinued. During those hours, the 33rd Street-Journal Square train makes stops in Hoboken.

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