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7 Trains at Sunset

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Enjoy these photos and videos of (7) and <7> trains along the Flushing Line during the beautiful sunset a few days ago. It was really fantastic to get these shots, so I hope you all like them. 


A (7) local facing into the evening sun at 111 St


A terminating (7) at 111 St


Light streaming in through the cab of a (7) local, illuminating the car. Taken arriving at 103 St-Corona Plaza


Looking down the Flushing Line at Junction BlvdWU0ObIT.jpg

The sky lit up as the sun dips behind a passing cloud, reflecting beautiful oranges and golds off the city belowTsIl8QI.jpg

82 St-Jackson Heights under the setting sunEzggPjr.jpg

A (7) local sits at 82 St with the sun obscured by a passing cloudz5alAYw.jpg

A beautiful sky over midtown seen from 74 St-BroadwayhWadne6.jpg

The sunset reflected off the back of a Flushing-bound (7) local at 74 St-BroadwayywIHpou.jpg

A Manhattan-bound (7) local faces the sunset at 74 StjVcnwXX.jpg

Deep reds and oranges at 90 St-Elmhurst AvnJxo0WG.jpg

Another reflection of the fading sunlight on a Flushing-bound local at 90 StiOWyd75.jpg

A Manhattan-bound (7) local arrives at 90 St-Elmhurst Av under a beautiful evening skybxIanOA.jpg

Stills taken while recording: 

A Flushing-bound <7> racing into Junction Blvd under a very bright setting sunwNHxdZZ.jpg

A Manhattan-bound local and Flushing-bound express meet at 111 St, both reflecting the setting sunGzGoUOB.jpg

A Flushing-bound (7) arriving at 82 St-Jackson Heightsso37iDJ.jpg

A Manhattan-bound local leaving 82 St under a golden skyC599bVU.jpg

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On 3/21/2019 at 9:46 PM, junjun441 said:

Wow these are breathtaking!

Thanks! I really lucked out as I decided on a whim to hop over to the 7 and head to Flushing for dinner, and happened to catch an amazing sunset on the way. I wasn't the only one taking pics either, haha, I saw plenty of other riders doing the same!

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