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Q Broadway Express

"Tunnels" By Fon W. Boardman ©1960.

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A beautiful book that is very interesting.

"Tunnels" gives a brief description of tunneling through the centuries then describes the various types of tunnels in use as recently as 1959.

The hardcover book is profusely illustrated with black and white photographs and a few drawings. The dust jacket has a black and white photograph of the Honeymoon Tunnels which are railroad tunnels.

"Tunnels" is 144 pages long. It is the book I have just started reading. I am in Chapter 1.

One very fascinating item is that Europe and Asia have some smaller tunnels that are for pedestrian and bicyclist use and pedestrians walk through and bicylists ride through. Such as the Maas Tunnels in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

Did you know that pedestrians and bicylists access their smaller Maas Tunnel via escalators?

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"Tunnels" Chapters Are:

Acknowledgements •iii•


1. Tunnel Builders All: Nature, Animal And Man, 7

2. Tunnels Of The Ancient Civilizations, 14

3. Modern Tunnel Building, 24

4. Canal Tunnels, 39

5. Railroad Tunnels Of Europe, Africa And Asia, 45

6. Railroad Tunnels Of The Western Hemisphere, 66

7. Subways Around The World, 86

8. Automobile Tunnels Of Europe And Asia, 105

9. Automobile Tunnels Of North America, 113

10. Tunnels For Many Purposes, 128

Index, 140

New, "Tunnels" cost just $3.75 in 1960.

The photograph of the Lincoln Tunnels shows the famous Helix and the New Jersey entrances/exits.

The only thing missing is a photograph of the Queens Midtown Tunnel. The Holland and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnels each have a photograph in addition to the Lincoln Tunnels.


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