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An Afternoon Along the IRT Broadway-7th Avenue Line

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On Sunday I went up the (1), and took some photos and videos along the line in Upper Manhattan. Enjoy! 


A South Ferry-bound (1) departing 125 St 2WSmuie.jpgMLgVygd.jpg

Looking across the platform at 125 St. I love the ironwork here yprbA5Q.jpg

A Van Cortlandt Park-bound train approaching the station bGamnZ3.jpgV5PeElT.jpgYXvukMq.jpg

Looking at the switch where the third track merges into the local track at 145 St EoidpX1.jpg

Looking northwards from 181 St Nmm5J2r.jpg

The northern end of 181 St ol9G3vo.jpg

Looking down from the overpass z0ElDX0.jpg

Station name mosaic


I really love the architecture of 181 StXpxgfDJ.jpgAhu3pDG.jpg

(Yes, there's a dog waiting for the train, too!) 

The curve north at Dyckman St GUGOGjR.jpg

Looking south towards the tunnel 1nLvBj1.jpg

A northbound train just after arriving J5LkapU.jpg

A closer view of the tunnel portal ZENTBgz.jpg

A fairly uncommon sight – outdoor station name mosaics! qr2FOOS.jpg

207 St station – fairly average as elevated stops gogBpFyx7.jpg

Obligatory shots of the 207th Street Yard, featuring some museum cars! cL4NTCm.jpgf4VRthX.jpg

Looking north – the Broadway Bridge is in the background, with the yard lead coming in from the right Pb2IFpS.jpg

Looking north from Marble HillC8ebxdk.jpg

The station with the Broadway Bridge 45Am88s.jpg

A closeup of the bridge and towerWSQ3lN4.jpg0t6btck.jpg

End of the line!


Some nice details at 157 St frDH9U0.jpg3O0R4np.jpg

Looking southwards 


Photos taken while filming:

A southbound train entering 125 St CQ1GXH2.jpg

A northbound train just outside of the station MB7njVk.jpg

A northbound train curving out of Dyckman St31caolq.jpgLyiMBIq.jpg

A southbound (1) approaching Dyckman St 0ziifZy.jpg 



A southbound train departing 207 St kNl7AWR.jpg

A South Ferry-bound train approaching Marble Hill-225 St9tPMACz.jpg

A 242 St-bound train just outside the stationCndP45Q.jpg

Two trains along the Broadway Bridge 0gcDpaq.jpgoghVnhm.jpg

A northbound train departing 225 St of6WVGG.jpg

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