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Rush Hour on the 7 - 4/8/19

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As it was so nice out this past Monday, I decided to catch some rush hour action on the (7). Enjoy! 

One of the "Deep Cleaned" R188 sets at Hudson YardsI5jZE1B.jpgyrIQP0V.jpg

A <7> just after terminating at Flushing-Main Street itXEe9T.jpg

A Manhattan-bound local facing into the sun at Junction Blvd 0ne126Z.jpg

The local departing, with an arriving Flushing-bound express 2o9Bvn2.jpgSATgmMd.jpg

A Flushing-bound local boards passengers at Junction Blvd vSa9Aaf.jpg

<7> – Express to Main Street 6DOtfFt.jpgopWr7jV.jpg

A Manhattan-bound (7) leaving Junction Blvd under the late afternoon sun 66bl3DE.jpghs1WXzN.jpg


A local and an express meet at Junction Blvd stppRis.jpg

A hazier sky at 90 St-Elmhurst Av. It's hard to see, but there's a faint sliver of a rainbow just left of center, right next to one of the clouds in the foreground 894XoBG.jpg

A Manhattan-bound local ready to depart towards 82 StYEsLhs3.jpg

Looking across the tracks tKpS6oR.jpg

Two (7) locals meet just outside the station, looking east3RJlLxi.jpgRNqUB7I.jpg

Looking at the back of a Manhattan-bound local m2uL4Qo.jpg

Leaving the station


"Stand clear of the closing doors, please" QR7GdQy.jpg

Different angle


An arriving Flushing-bound local B0hrEbg.jpg

A Willets Point-bound local! UL1YmDj.jpg

A Manhattan-bound local arriving at the stationHZZR6it.jpgbU0akNQ.jpg

A little later


Diamonds are forever


Double expresses at Main StreetmkOOP6T.jpg

Looking through an express on Track M to another train ready to head back to Manhattan ehEozE2.jpg

Stills taken while filming:

Following close behind the local ahead – a great example of CBTC in actionInj53Ng.jpg

Animation created by Google Photos: JYyF1rr.gif

Heading up the express nIBfuBp.jpgqsbBSwc.jpg

Racing a local down into Mets-Willets Point 2YKENpH.jpg 

The LED set on the <7> 


A local and express meet entering Junction Blvd bryLyp5.jpgfptektR.jpgNWZRFps.jpg

Three 7 trains at once!


Another pair meet entering the station NJcOYSu.jpg8qNAm8R.jpg

Two locals meeting at 90 St-Elmhurst Av WKMsGbH.jpg

A Manhattan-bound (7) entering 90 St mtwyRql.jpg 

Leaving Elmhurst Av


A Manhattan-bound local and Flushing-bound express meet just outside of 90 St r7W6MV3.jpg

Another Manhattan-bound local and a Flushing-bound local meet just outside the stationJz26ydO.jpg


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