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Delivery of R179s 3242 and 3241 - 4/15/19

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Last night I had the chance to go uptown to the 207th Street Yard, and watch the delivery of cars no. 3242 and 3241. While sadly I had to leave before they began actually unloading the cars, I still got some nice photos of the cars on the flatbeds coming up to the yard. Enjoy! 

3242 heading down 215th Street, getting ready to move into the yard. 3241 can be seen behind it.mWD6QO3.jpgHovmd4J.jpg

3242 making the turn in through the gate. It'll soon begin the process of unloading, beginning with moving the flatbed into place to roll the car off. paXyrAC.jpg6G1FzwS.jpgPWKd7Vl.jpg9nCXCVs.jpgY5JiGty.jpg6uDFfHE.jpg9v5lFDw.jpgfOUj1po.jpg

Moving the flatbed into position so it can be lowered and connected to the rampQskMIn8.jpgx5LO64k.jpg6oV3waC.jpg

We waited for maybe a good 20-30 minutes to see if the locomotive was going to arrive to help get the car off the flatbed, but it was a no-show, so we went over to 3241, which was sitting on 215th Street


View of the car's truck – note the lack of a third rail shoe (they add it after delivery to avoid damage while in transit)


Nice and shiny 


Another close-up


View of 3241 sitting on its trailer j9AEtE7.jpg

Brake valve relays on 3241 – note the label of 'R160/R179' xnGqidb.jpg

Close-up shot of the build plate on the truckU8FERDW.jpg1RKBgu5.jpg

Close-up of the wheel's mounting3GhlWZl.jpg

A few more shots of the car on the flatbedzoS3XKC.jpgxH1PXu3.jpg

We noticed the wheels themselves are shaped, and grooved inwards. My guess is for aerodynamics and/or to reduce weightPZ0dTQ4.jpg5kyuPga.jpg

Last few photos


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