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R179 3240 Being Unloaded at the 207th Street Yard - 4/16/19

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I went back to 207th Street with my friend, and this time I was actually able to witness them taking 3240 off of its trailer. I also was able to get some cool photos of the underbody and components on 3239. Enjoy! 

3239 following 3240 down 215th Street 26UcwPJ.jpg

Build plate on the truck – 3241 had its truck assembled later!y806DZH.jpg

View of wheel assembly. Note the trip arm on the left Ba5ZgiL.jpg

More shots of the trip armbYl3oip.jpgSbljKaU.jpg

Factory fresh body


View of the trip arm on the other truck, on the other side of the car BmEZHgb.jpg

View under the carbody. It looks like this pipe went into the brake valve relay 9cRYLUQ.jpg

Main switch box?


Self-explanatory: battery breaker box (battery is off to the right)csLdm5o.jpg

This had the caution symbols for heat and high voltage, I believe. My guess is some sort of heatsink for electrical components Xloosha.jpg

Sorry for the blur, but this is the valve relays ITWz5sB.jpg

Close-up of the air ride suspension and where the third rail contact shoe will be attached (the bright red assembly) 8VYaxtT.jpg

Looking at what's above the truck - that black arm-like truss seems like it's part of the suspensionumjsXTL.jpg

Close-up of the wheel. Notice the wheel is shaped inwards. 2HlPbF1.jpg

Tried to get a better view of the flange pl1tDOW.jpg

The best shot I got – the motor and axle in full view NiVR53o.jpg

Wheel, bearing, and truck assembly 4Ehbji4.jpg

Another angle of the truck and suspension Om9Kkws.jpg

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I think I’ve learned a lot from these photos/descriptions... these are great shots! Thanks for the info!

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1 minute ago, junjun441 said:

these are great shots! Thanks for the info!

Thank you! It was really cool to be able to get a look under the car and see all that's going on in person

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