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A Cloudy Sunday at Woodlawn - 4/14/19

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On Sunday, I went up to Woodlawn to catch some Metro-North action. Due to track work, southbound New Haven Line trains had to use Track 1 to merge with the Harlem Line, which was quite interesting to see. Enjoy! 

Phone photos:

A southbound M7A makes a stop at the stationlNCcFag.jpg

Looking south


Across the tracks


Looking north towards the junctionqkBvE91.jpg

And looking at the switches south of the stationwSh4DhY.jpg

Outdated signage!


Some more station viewsc0k3aCE.jpglQMejtM.jpg

A northbound Harlem Line train of M7As at the station 3XOF1ZS.jpg

Some MOW equipment making moves through the station5I7gLzX.jpgM8eWaeF.jpgoXV7rpT.jpgf3cSucD.jpgTsV4vlH.jpglZcHib8.jpg1nMcupx.jpg

Two M7As coupled


A southbound New Haven Line train heading through Woodlawn JunctionbgZBwI3.jpg

Another view across the tracksN2r9VHq.jpg

Stills taken while filming:

A northbound Harlem Line train speeding through WoodlawnkLC39mu.jpg

A southbound New Haven Line train of M8s switching overmbGr5Pw.jpg

Another New Haven Line train about to switch off of Track 36Aaz1OL.jpg

Northbound Harlem Line trainF7232yl.jpg

MOW equipment next to a northbound New Haven Line trainAwmD7f2.jpg

Some more shots of MOW equipmentzvYIofT.jpgyaiB2Kv.jpgzPKXdzJ.jpgZzaOtpJ.jpgaeip6aA.jpg

A northbound Harlem Line train approaching the stationbLq1VbI.jpg

Leaving the station with MOW equipment passing Ip6xcD3.jpgeUPxCfX.jpg

MOW equipment again


A southbound New Haven Line train making the switch from Track 3 to Track 1D6w3xWR.jpg

A northbound train of M8s0IDMbSz.jpg

Another southbound train switching tracksl7zkjat.jpg

Photos taken with my camera:

A closer look at Woodlawn Junctionhkgvskn.jpg6292OXf.jpg

A little more perspectiverEuWqrE.jpg

The tracks south of the station7Hph5tK.jpgh5ltv9F.jpg

MOW equipment north of the station in Woodlawn JunctionnfGGZmQ.jpg

A southbound New Haven Line train rounding the corner to merge with the Harlem LineN8fhQVU.jpgESR762J.jpg

The southbound New Haven and Harlem Line connectioneBEOrXv.jpg

Looking south again


A northbound Harlem Line train speeds through the station and past Woodlawn JunctionmHXyXX3.jpgyGjSoD3.jpgl0CXkht.jpg1CKCeOH.jpgFV3UEDU.jpg

A southbound Harlem Line train arriving at the station7tY6HRJ.jpgaVz9vLf.jpgMva7X8h.jpg

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