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"Joe the Plumber"


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Look ….I am a boiler mechanic in NYC who works for a small company who possesses many licenses. To be a license mechanic one is required to pass an aptitude test with the department of citywide administrative services. However, if you’re not license you can work under a licensee as a mechanic. To operate a business, one needs to pay the insurance fee for that license and acquire a business certificate from the City of New York accompanying a Tax ID. Once you have all of that, you’re in business. That’s the best way to go about doing things. The other way is to operate a business without the above mentioned documents which then brings limitations to your business when contracting with customers who prefer to be covered. The reason why people operate a business without those documents is because one, they can’t pass the aptitude test to get the license or they may not be able to pay the insurance fee if they do get the license. However though, those who operate without a license do get business, except that they charge less for their work.


Regardless of the nature of the business, whether it’s license or not, the quality of the work will depends on the technician level of expertise. Similarly, the customer’s choice as far as which technician he/she chooses to some extent depends on their income level. Therefore, the outcome you get is to each is on …..Those who can afford license mechanic pay for the license plus the work provided others who can’t afford license technicians pays a cheaper price. We must keep in mind that cheaper price doesn’t always translate into less quality work. Those who perform these works have very often worked for companies who have excellent reputation delivering good quality works. And those technicians who choose to start their business were most often the ones to perform those excellent works for those companies.


"Joe the Plumber" may fall under one of the aforementioned categories which mean he can ether be a license plumber or a Plumber who works under a licensee. If “Joe the Plumber” own and operate his business, a license may be requiring that will depend on the State he operates his business in. If however, a license is required and he doesn’t have one they may be limitations as far as what kind of equipments he’s allowed to work on. For example, operating a business as a plumber without a license, your state may place limitations on the BTU content you’re allowed to troubleshoot. For example under NYC laws “Joe the Plumber” should not work on a boiler whose BTUs exceed 350,000 BTU.


Now, according to the New York Times, Joe is not licensed to be a plumber. Why then did McCain use someone who has no credibility and makes him the center of his debate ….no one can say? However, that goes to show that he has a record of making the wrong assumption which very often leads to bad judgments …..He assumed that Joe is legit without investigating first before making him the center of his arguments. Likewise, during the second presidential debate, he assumed that the black fellow who asked the question about Freddy Mae and Freddy Mac didn’t know who they were before this crisis. Although the possibility of that may have been true, it still didn’t exclude him from making a bad judgment. The possibility of the gentleman being an MBA graduate is also true. Sense we can assumed that he could have been an MBA graduate; we can also assumed that he could have known who Freddy Mae & Mac were. Therefore, it’s a justifiable statement to say that McCain has a record of committing bad judgment. It is OK for McCain to make those bad judgments now as a candidate for the presidency but not as our president. At the presidential level, bad judgments may cause tax payers trillions of dollars which we can’t afford right now. Therefore, to prevent bad judgments at the presidential level, we must do what’s right at the poll.

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