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BM5 via Woodhaven

Cuomo Got State Law Changed to put Ineligible Budget Director on the MTA Board

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2 hours ago, Union Tpke said:

A reason to get Columbia County into the MTA region and restore the Upper Harlem Line to Chatham!

or the Hudson line direct to Albany.. (would be the best logical sense)

Albany to Poughkeespie is about 90 mins via I-87/287. 

Albany to Chatham is about 1/2 hour via taconic & I-90 .

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1 hour ago, Union Tpke said:

Cuomo enabled the Republican party by supporting the power-sharing agreement with the IDC. He is not happy that the Dems control the State Senate. Someone in a few of my classes at MHC at Hunter ran for State Senate. I could see myself running for office in the future, but that is not the path I wish to go on. If things get really really bad, I might just have to at some point......


This is true and as i stated in a previous post here, the IDC and the Republicans served as a check on the radical element in the democratic Party. It was the reason the the Governor refused to endorse primary challengers to members of the IDC over the years as the governor preferred divided government and rightfully so. In looking at the legislation that has been passed by the now one party state legislature, his concerns were correct. On many of the laws that were passed by this legislature, it could be said that what were they thinking as they have become a virtual laughing stock in most of the country.

My use of the term "hard left"in reference to the one running for president (of what country I might add), it is based on what I read and hear as many of the commentators refer to him as when his name is mentioned. This is how he is perceived by the rest of the country even though most of us who live in this city despise him and wish he would just go away and stay away.

The census is the key and while the loss of 1- 2 seats are possible, I am going with a higher number of 3 as New York and Illinois are the only states that have lost population since the last census. Upstate New York is losing population at an alarming rate so if 2 seats are eliminated, chances are it will be in Western and Central New York State, not in the city or the suburbs. If it is 3 seats then one seat would come from the city and it will not be AOC but  one in Brooklyn. This can be just wild forecasting but it is my opinion that at least one more congressperson will retire by 2022 and again it is the age factor.



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1 hour ago, Deucey said:

Even though no NYC mayor has won higher office since NYC was just Manhattan, imagine if DeBlasio was better at selling himself. Cuomo would have an actual rival.

The problem is DeBlasio doesn't have much to sell.

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