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Hiring & Promotional Freeze-CPM

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Transit forum,

I was hired late 2017 in the cpm engineering dept. Since then the hiring and promotional freeze has been implemented. This is because of the financial state the agency is in and the pending review and restructuring/reorganization plan from Alix Partners. A few questions regarding this that hopefully maybe some senior cpm members can answer if they are on this forum, or anyone else for that matter who would like to chime in. Thanks in advance for any responses.

-Seeing as how freezes have happened in the past and are not an uncommon thing in this agency (as shown by past forum discussions); If history is any guide, How long do these typically tend to last? Once lifted how long before hiring and promotions, and even overtime can resume?

-If the restructuring does indeed take place, what implications could that mean for cpm? Layoffs? I have heard there is talk about merging with capital construction and bridges and tunnels engineering, etc..


-Lastly with regard to promotions and salary; Recently some colleagues in my area received raises as they are part of DC37 and I suppose a new contract was negotiated. This happened early spring. Will this raise filter through to non-represented employees with the same title? Ie is it standard for non-rep Mabstoa to keep pace with union contracts?  If-so, would this be affected by the hiring freeze? Once the freeze is over do those non-rep employees stand to receive back-pay?


Lots of questions, but lots on uncertainty with this agency. I like working for the agency but the constant uncertainty can be frustrating.

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