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Online Sales Tax: Will Revenues Materially Help the MTA?

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So I went on a 6-month no-spending restriction for my 2019 New Years Resolution. Since I could start shopping again starting on 7/1/2019, I went online and found that all the online retailers charge tax. Looking up recent state/city law changes, I see that the state have been pushing for this since a decade ago and have finally got all the online retailers in state and out of state to start contributing sales tax to the state’s coffers. (I’m definitely going to extend my no-spending resolution now…)

With the estimated millions of dollars in additional revenue raised by the sales tax, how much of that money would materially help the MTA in improving service and building out new infrastructure? I’m trying to understand where this money is going.

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All states have been pushing for something like this since the original Federal exemption was set to expire.

That money’s going to the taxing authorities - not directly to (MTA). If NYS wants to divert funds, it can, but they’ll use the revenue to plug its budget deficit.

(That’s not a Cuomo dig - that’s how every state passing an online sales tax law is operating. Sales tax is always put into the state’s and the city/county’s general fund UNLESS the sales tax has legislation diverting it to specific funds - like transportation taxes in California or road millages in Michigan.)

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