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Riders Report Card For Fall 2008


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If you haven't picked it up at your local NYC Subway Station, (which I got one this morning on the (2)(5) at West Farms, people throw them out some of them bastards:mad:)




Anyways the URL:




English, (Spanish)~ Espanol, Chinese


Currently the (4)(5)(J)(Z) is accessible


Otherwise pick up a Riders Report Card at a Local Elevated(Above Ground Subway)/Subway Station near you ;)


You rate more then once btw~~

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I'll do it. For the sake of the (5) and (4). ;)


LOL, Im trying to get people to tell the friggen T/A to offer more service of the (5) which takes loads of time just to get in a station, wish the (6) and the (2) were there, oh well, i will visit my station tomo and pick up the riders card

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