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Peter Dougherty

2020 Tracks of the NYC Subway photo contest winners!

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This was a hard one, folks! CONGRATULATIONS to front cover winner Anthony Maimone for yet another great front cover shot, and to Uday Schultz for winning the back cover! I will be contacting both winners in the next day or so with photo releases, etc. This was the closest contest I think I've ever had to choose from; just SO many great choices.




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Yeah, there's some real talent behind the lens out there. It's always tough to choose a cover from the 5 or 6 best every year, but this year (and to a degree last year as well) it took me a week to make the final call. The tough part is to choose a picture that is excellent from a photographic/composition standpoint, but that also conveys that this is a book about tracks and signals. And in the end, it came down to that very thing this year. Anthony's fall colors picture on the (B) was eye-poppingly good and it came >< that close. 

Now comes the challenging part. All the edits and new pages for 2020! My annual appeal to folks here, if you have any changes in terms of car assignments, new signal numbers or interlocking drawings, knowledge of new track plant configurations, etc, please send 'em along to me at nyctrackbook at gmail dot com.

Thanks to all!

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