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Union Tpke

PSA Update!

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I found this through the Design-Build RFP http://web.mta.info/nyct/procure/contracts/CBX001sol.pdf

Key Project Elements
Anticipated Project Elements include, but are not limited to:
a. Realigning existing tracks and constructing two new passenger tracks along a three-mile segment of the HGL.
b. Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing drainage systems
c. Relocating and reconfiguring existing interlocking and constructing new interlockings.
d. Realigning existing catenary for existing tracks and interlockings and installing new catenary for the new tracks and interlockings.
e. Constructing four new Metro-North passenger stations (eastbound and westbound).
f. Replacing all or most of the existing superstructure of the undergrade bridges.
g. Repairing and strengthening undergrade bridges.
h. Upgrading the existing Amtrak AC supply substation.
i. Upgrading or constructing additional AC distribution substations in the vicinity of the new interlockings.
j. Constructing a new AC supply substation on the NHL.
k. Expanding Metro-North's New Rochelle Yard in Westchester County and electrifying certain tracks for Project train equipment storage.
l. Providing traction power supply for Metro-North M8 equipment by either installing approximately three miles of third rail and constructing up to two new DC substations or relocating the existing AC phase break from Bowery Bay to just east of Harold Interlocking.
m. Upgrading the AC distribution substations at Bowery Bay and New Rochelle.
n. Upgrading to a high-density signal system with positive train control overlay between Harold Interlocking in Queens County and Shell Interlocking in Westchester County, including design and construction of four new central instrument interlocking houses.
o. Installing new control desk/station/software at the New York Penn Station Dispatch Center (CTEC).
p. Improving Metro-North’s New Rochelle Yard and at “C” yard in Penn Station for midday storage.
q. Updating and installing new communication systems.


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