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Vitamin Water


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I tried Vitamin water last month and that stuff was nasty lol I dont know it wasnt as good as everybody praises it to be I dont know it just tasted odd to me...I'm sticking to PowerADE and Crunk Juice I love that stuff!

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It tastes okay, but it's just overpriced and loaded with empty calories. It's like Kool-Aid for elitists.

lol thats basically what it is I'm better off making kool-aid (just made some today)


Damn, those vitamin waters are nasty. I tried the one for power, in which it says its dragonfruit, bad taste, especially that water taste. It should be vitamin juice, not water.

or vitamin crap


Jonessy, RokuSix: I have tasted that few times at MET. Only Strawberry-Kiwi flavor taste good, but after it get dried, it tastes like Medicine.

EEEWW I dont even like strawberry kiwi period not a good taste to me!


Are you all kidding me? I mean, sure Gatorade/Powerade is better but Vitamin Water is good. Better than a soda pop.

I'd rather drink pop than vitamin water after tasting that stuff lol

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