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S89 service to start Tuesday, September 4th

Pablo M 201

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"Effective Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The new S89 bus route provides limited-stop service on weekdays during rush hours between Eltingville in Staten Island and the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail 34 St station in Bayonne, New Jersey. From there, customers can take trains to the Jersey City and Hoboken business districts. An additional fare is required for the train."



I'm planning to try out the service wednesday, so I'll give a judgement about it that day hopefully.


Can you say bye bye 144. Joel Azumah is screwed.


S89 has 12 peak direction departures, and 6 reverse peak departures.

The 144 has 7 peak direction departures.


HBLR will get to downtown Jersey City faster than the 144 from 34th Street.


The S89 connects with Bayonne Flyers with time to spare.


So you tell me, are you going to take the S89, or 144?


Only disadvantage about the S89, buses running on the route are O5s.

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