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Random Photo Dump

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Stuff from the last few months. Kudos to the one who told me to use Flickr. Enjoy!


R68A 5096 at Jamaica Yard

R68A 5096 at Jamaica Yard. May 30




Final R46 set at Jamaica Yard. May 7




R46 in the Sunset at Rockaway Blvd. March 21




Final R46 (R) set in Passenger Service. April 24




Watch the doors, no one. March 21 - on the (C) which was 4 minutes behind the very last R32 (A) run in Passenger Service before being taken OOS at Jay St (my previous thread). 




R32 Refuse at Forest Hills. March 12




(B)ut it's (N)ot real. March 17




R62A (6) at Hunts Point Avenue. Feb 18




Trying to Look Like Another Transit System. Nov 15 '19



Empty Times Square

Empty Times Square before the 'rona @3AM. Jan 29




Way in the back on the right. R42 right after the retirement run in Pitkin. Jan 12




Really? March 5



Second to last AM Rush Hour for these bad boys. Jan 23




New Years special. Dec 31 11PM. 




(A)nother (V)iew.




R46 (W) up above at Queensboro Plaza. Feb 19


Orange. Feb 19



Identity crisis. Nov 21 '19 (It was an (F) )



Miss You...


Bonus Stuff from our closest major city



Final Week of PCC Trolley cars on Route 15. Jan 31 '20




Just Your typical unrebuilt silverliner at Trenton. Oct 31 '19 (Fun Short Story - Decided to take my Mom on a trip to Philly on a whim and didn't realize it was Halloween until heading there. However as the day went on extreme wind gusts up to 60+ mph developed meaning only a handful of people were outside trick-or-treating. We never would have realized it was Halloween if we didn't check the date! We also caught the very last train going back to Trenton until sometime the next afternoon as the winds downed trees onto the tracks along the line.)


One More....



Wonder when we'll see another event like this. Hopefully soon! Oct 27 '19, 115th IRT Birthday Special





Hope You Enjoyed! Thanks for Viewing!

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