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Tracks of the NYC Subway 2021 - Cover winners

Peter Dougherty

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Hey all,
As I posted a few months ago, due to the pandemic I decided not to hold a cover photo contest this year — for which I apologize profusely to the many talented photographers this site. I hope it can resume again for next year, but I just wasn't comfortable asking people to risk their health (or the health of those around them) just to take pictures for a fun little contest.

With that said, for my 2021 book I decided to use a couple of runners-up from previous years on the front and back. So without any further ado, I'm proud to announce that Anthony Maimone's great picture from last year won the front cover for this year. It was so close last year, and this magnificent image is finally getting its due here. 

A really terrific RFW picture by Trevor Jensen that was taken a few years ago and submitted for the 2017 edition will grace the back cover. 

Some big news that I think I might have shared here earlier as well. The maps and diagrams for 2021 (and beyond) are in full color! The entire book was revised and every map and symbol was redrawn from scratch. I'm super excited about this year's offering and that it will be available about 6 weeks earlier than usual (by mid-October). Pricing has yet to be determined, but color production will mean a higher cost, sadly. But I've been asked about this by hundreds of folks over the year, so it's finally happening!

Here are the cover winners for 2021. Again, big congrats to Anthony Maimone and Trevor Jensen!



And here's a sample page from the new version. It's still not finalized yet and there's a lot of work going on, but this page is pretty much locked in, barring any significant problems. This is a static JPEG file, but the PDF will have many links (over 250 new links added this year).

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Thanks - but the praise goes to the photogs. I just slapped some text on top of those great images and called it a day <grin>.

But the book itself, yeah, I can't wait until this is released next month. I really think people are going to like the new edition, And unlike other "new and improved" things, this one retains the old book's look-and-feel, but makes it all look so much nicer. I've got somewhere between 1500 and 2000 hours of work into this, and I'm still at it every day. 

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Just an update, folks. The 2021 book has been released to print. The PDF version is available for immediate download and the print book will be in stock no later than the week of Oct. 19th. 

BIG thanks to at least two long-time members on this forum for their invaluable assistance.

If you're interested, head on over to http://nyctrackbook.com. Thanks again to everybody here who's lent a hand in fact-checking and correcting as needed. I couldn't do this without your help.

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