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Forest Hills on Sunday


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Haha, thanks man. Out of 50-60 some odd pictures I took that day those three were just about the only ones I thought came out good. I've realized that I have to use at least 1/320 shutter speed in order to "stop" a moving train.


The first shot was taken with my 55-200mm f/4-5.6G VR lens @ 200mm. This lens isn't quite fast enough IMO and the ISO-AUTO really had to kick up high in order to shoot at 1/320 (I shot most of these in shutter priority).


Having an f/2.8 telephoto (feeling generous, Fred? :D) would really let me keep noise to a minimum while maintaining a high shutter speed. Maybe I can use this as a justification for some future buys. :cool:

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Excellent pics....love the 1st one...its like in your face :D


Yeah, I have to try and get a shot right as it rounds the curve so it's aimed exactly at you. I also have to fool with the metering to try and get the whole scene to be lit, having just headlights on a big dark box is a bit nondescript, although in that shot Photoshop managed to recover enough info to return the shot to normal.


Thanks for all the comments guys, this was the first time i've really posted any pics on here, lol.

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Yes, i remember it well. It needs a more substantial shelter. Heaters for cold weather would be nice too.


- A


The entire time that I was there maybe 10 people had shown up on the New York platform. Mostly older folks who don't feel like sitting on the E for 40 minutes.


Edit: OK, now i'm going to hijack my own thread and ask the following question: has anyone been to the 67 Avenue overpass over the main line, i've seen a few shots taken from it on RP.net and it looks like a decent spot, given there's no suicide fence.

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