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Interesting G.O Next Wkend N/R/Q Lines

Pelham Bay Dave

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Its not been listed yet but it got my attention hot off the G.O Press sheets

Nov 8 0001 to Nov 10 5AM


NO SERVICE between 57 Street / 7 AVE to Queenboro Plaza and Queens Plaza


Service changes as part of this plan and on one line this don't make any sents why its part of this order.


(G) Service shortlined to Court SQ running from Court SQ to Smith 9 St


(Q) Service will operate local in both Direction via Tunnel from Dekalb Ave to 57 St / 7 AV replacing (R) Service


(N) Line will operate 2 sections:1. Ditmars Blvd to Queensboro Plaza

2. Times Square to Stillwell Ave/ Coney Island


(N) Trains will operate Express in Manhattan Day / Night during this G.O.


(R) Trains will operate from Continenal to 95 St during the normal hours

(R) will operate Via (E) Queens Plaza to 5 Ave then via (F) 47/50 to W4 then via (D) W 4 to Dekalb then normal.


(N) customers can use the (7) between Queensboro plaza to Times SQ


(R) Customers can Transfer at 34 Street and Delkalb for (Q) service making all stops on the (R) Line between Delkalb and 57 Street.


Also another G.O I almost forgot about during the same wkend


Uptown D service will be reroute Via C Line from W 4 St to 145 St. Uptown C trains will run express from Canal St to 145 St

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I guess they're doing some major work at 57th / 7th Avenue since it appears no trains are going through there. I remember last week there was apparently a broken rail at 57th and there big delays on the Broadway line. Would this have anything to do with that?

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Sounds like tube work perhaps, but tube work is always done under traffic if need be. But that N GO has been in effect late nights for some time now. And new plates has been going on for quite some time at 57th/7th now since that derailment months back.


What this sounds like is multiple work orders at the same time with several departments piggy backing on this GO.


Last time they had the N terminate @ 57th/7th even though it said Times Square. Oh well, who knows.

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All of this is for the track bed replacement just past 5th Av, Queens bound.


It's ridiculous why this affects so much, like going into Brooklyn, but just like the D being sent up Bway a couple of weeks ago, supervision it seems can no longer manage all the trains converging upon the same tracks. I noticed before that they slowed everything down holding and pestering everyone for call letters and such (they're so afraid of wrong routes now; yet it often takes time to get the communication on the radio both ways), so that service would be completely messed up beyond the scheduled disruption. So now, the practice is to change everything to increase flow. With everything that is done now, the (N) is reduced to 12 minute headway as well. (Yet they still don't seem to think it is enough to reduce the congestion with the other lines).


So the (N) is being cut off in Manhattan, but to avoid crowding out the (Q) at the next availble turnback location, 57th, they terminate it at 42nd. (It should still be express in Bklyn, then). But then to avoid crossing one line over the other, they make the (N) express, and the (Q) local. Before; they used to send the (N) or D to 57th, or cross the (R) over there, to access 63rd; and cut the (Q) back at 42nd. (And there was only the wooden shed on the southbound platform that served as the office; now they built the new permanent office at the far end of the station). To keep the (R) out of it altogether, they just send it up 6th Av; and now the (Q) has to go all the way through the tunnel as well to cover it. Similar thing when the D was sent up and had to use 42nd.


On one hand, they had extended my (Q) job by about a half out because they stick G.O. crews in there placing everyone else behind. Yet, the benefit with this one is that my (N) job starts at Times Sq; cutting out over 20 minutes of travel time!

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