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Discuss the first group of subway line managers

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Its 2 extra layer of line managers who will be highly paid and thats why you will have a fare increase to pay their salaries. Every Line has a DEPTY Supt , Line Supt and a Gen Supt of a section. Now in addition every IRT Line will have a Depty Line Manager , Line Manager and Section manager.

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Hopefully they can improve service and service regularity instead of just helping out with cleaning and painting stations.


Adding service if needed is one thing the general managers are NOT allowed to do.


Now we have a general manager, gerneral supt., line supt, and at least 2 deputy supt,s per line.


This is a HUGE waste of money. When the program was formed they were supposed to scrap the deputy superintendent jobs but that hasn't happened yet and I doubt that it ever happens.

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well, Im hoping the (5)<5> would get more service in the PM from Brooklyn to the bronx, I mean when I enter tremont station on AM there are more (5)<5> express then the (2) Locals, and when PM same thing, but if Im like in manhattan or brooklyn, its like 3 or even 4 (4) trains, while there is 1 (5) train, sometimes its 2 when there is a Dyre and 238th train, but still sucks!!!

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