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My Poem about Buses

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This is I posted on "My Poetry.com" website


Poem 1: Some New York Buses go through scenic as ART, by Yuki Endo



Riding the buses in New York can be fun.

Ridding the buses in New York can be interesting, but

frustating also.

At night buses are shinning, and street lights of New York

City brights up the city.

It is so beautiful.

While you take nice bus journey before sunset or sunrise

over Jamaica Bay or lakes in Westchester county is


Taking ride on city or county buses are beautiful.

It is beautiful bus ride in city, westchester and nassau


Some buses make me feel like I am in out of city.

Some buses make me feel like bus entered wilderness of

Jungle as in "HOOT"

It feels beautiful as in paitings at museums.

Riding the bus through scenic is feel like bus entered

another world.

Riding the bus.

When nighttime, bus and light brightened up and it's

beautiful. Brighten bus ride makes me feel like we're in the

Van Gogh's Starry Night.

It is beautiful.

Bus ride is beautiful at night.

It is very beautiful at night on the bus.

Taking bus ride in the city or counties.

Bus ride in New York is wonderful.

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