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Hi all


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New here - have a love for trains since 8 yrs old now 56.

Looking for a video - front car video of the IRT departing Sutter Ave on route to Utica Ave and or vice versa. Would love to see the New Lotts train entering that tunnel or the opposite.


Thanks all



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Welcome to the forums!!


Btw if that video of the IRT portal wasn't already taken, most likely it never will. Due to the fact none of those IRT lines that though that area no longer have RFW. If the redbirds were still running then getting a video of that area would be no problem. You could just hop on an (2)(4) or <5> put in outta lovina yard and film it. But the R62's and R142/A's don't have a RFW so basically this video cannot made.:D


However on the bright side, you never know the TM could have an fan trip though that area with RFW equipment and someone could film it then.

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