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Bx19 always to 145th and harlem?


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I live near the Bx19 all my life, and I notice that all the manhattan bound buses are going to Broadway 145th street, I;m not talking about late night, but I mean day time.


why are they going there? Is it cuz Riverbank state park is closed for the season, or constructions =S


and does this affect the M11 heading to 145th and riverbank too?

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Hey fellow Bx19 mate! I have always lived near the Bx19 too, but only on the Manhattan side. I assume you live near the 174 Street station.


As for the Bx19 not going to Riverbank Park, its because they are working on the road inside the park. If you have ever been to the park, you might remember that the road was in terrible condition. The M11 has a detour too.


Roku: I have seen and been on a few crowded Bx19s to the park

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