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Mistake as always lol!


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Posted on:10/30/2008 7:03:04AM


Due to switch problems at the Westchester Yard, please expect delays in (2) and (5)<5> train service at this time.






Now why would the (6)<6> Westchester yard cause a problem to the (2)(5)<5>? Unless they meant it for the Pelham (6)<6> or they are referring to the White Plains Rd (2)(5)<5>'s E180th/Union Port Yard lol


Because the (2)(5)<5> is no where near this yard, which is located near E Tremont and Westchester ave, near parkchester, which the (6)<6> is the ONLY line to hit the parkchester zone.


as I always say MTA works cheap..


also shouldn't the FDNY activity at flushing should of canceled, or is it still going on, because that has been there since yestday morning?


As of (5) Mins:




Seeing they notice, they didn't want to be humiliated lol :D

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