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The unifications of common ground


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The unifications of common ground for the benefit of the American people are after all coming alone. What we have witness here with former President Clinton and Senator Obama is exactly that. Two people with a common interest, regardless of their differences gathered together to fight for the interest of the American people. Fallow my examples and together we’ll bring America prosperity again. If they are one thing that we learned from Clinton speech last night is that MR. Obama does not make careless decisions, if he doesn’t know he asked. This is something I leaned from working in the field as a mechanic, the guys will always tell you …if you don’t know something just pick up the radio and ask. And I can tell you ladies and gent; they are nothing wrong with asking when in doubt. You can solve lots of problems by asking the right question. Barack Obama is doing just that, asking when in doubt to prevent making careless decisions. That’s an attribute that we the American people have been missing for the last eight years. We looked forward to that kind of attitude. Former President Clinton as an economic advisor is as good as gold. I don’t care what anyone says, as a president your duty is to take care of your home land first before others. Former president Clinton did just that, he made sure that his people were better off than the way he found them, and for that he earns Americans approval as one of the best president in history.


As this election unfolds, we’re learning more and more about Barack Obama pattern of decision making. Like a set of dip switches, what Obama is program to do will depend on how he’s wired. And by Clinton revealing his thinking pattern, he has laid out his schematic. And we should take advantage of that because this is the only way to know the man behind the ideas. In previous replies, I’ve point out McCain’s thinking patterns that were not logically accurate. Logic is the reasoning that makes every point valid. Why it is then that no one chooses to challenge Senator McCain when he said and I quote “The wrong change looks not to the future but to the past for solutions that have failed us before and will surely fail us again.” I have no background in philosophy but my common sense tells me that something logically wrong with this statement. Why should we emphasize on something simple as that …because this is where decisions making derives from …. It’s as important as the policies what will govern us if he wins.


According to this quote McCain implied that anyone who looks to the past for solutions that have failed us is not a change that we should consider. McCain’s process of thinking suggests that the best change looks to the future for solution that has fail us. Think about it, if the wrong change looks not to the future but to the past for solution then McCain is suggesting that solution can be found in the future. I don’t know about you guys but to me solution is something that has occurred because that’s why it got its name solution. If however the solution has not occurred then it’s a possible solution because we don’t know whether or not it’s going to work. When we say solution in our minds we think of something that has occurred in the past. On another note, to look to the past for solutions that have failed us before is the process of learning from our mistakes. We look to the past to compare so that we can better prepare ourselves for future occurrences but not to carry over the same solutions. As they say those who don’t know their past are likely to repeat it ……ladies and gentlemen this was only a critical thinking exercise design only to help my fellow Americans make the right choice for themselves. OneLove.

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