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Railfanning an old school BUDD M3


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Today i got lucky and cought an M3 while riding LIRR. I thought was i was going to get one of those M7 crappers, but soon as i exit the (2) train and leave NYCT fare control go onto the LIRR platform WA LA!! The M3 was sitting there in all its glory, went upstairs to the ticket booth bought my ticket and rode on the M3. First time riding one in nearly seven years, these cars are really fun to ride, their lights blink out on third rail gaps like an old AMUE/SMEE subway car and it was awsome riding them at 70+ MPH between atlantic ave and jamaica. Well enough of me talking here are the pics....















Comments are welcome enjoy!!

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Those older budd cars are a crackup. Fake wood & funky seats ftw! B)

Thanks!! and LOL!

Love them All man!


NY's Budd M3's look different from Philadelphia's Budd M3's

I think septa's M3's look like NYCT R32's.

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It's rare just to see an M-3. The M-7s are all over the place...especially on the weekends. In ways, I like the M-3 and in ways I like the M-7. If I had to pick 1 of them...I'll say the M-3.


I took the old 12:58 PM out of Jamaica (to Long Beach) almost every day and there was about a 1/3 chance of scoring an M3 on that trip. Now that the schedules changed on Monday, who knows when I can ride one of my beloved M3's. :D


Edit: this reminds me of the following story:

Me and a friend both met in Jamaica by chance, so we're chatting and what not, and turns out it hit the fan and there was a big disruption of service. We were supposed to get on a Long Beach train (first stop Rosedale, IIRC) but instead that train never came and a ton of us crammed onto a Far Rockaway train (making all stops). I'm telling him about how I love the M3's; there's nothing wrong with them, and the people in the car are looking at me like wtf is wrong with this guy, haha.

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